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Spark Start Escape Room

This guide was made as a part of the spark start event on August 16, 2022.

You Found the Resource!!

The Final Resource

The library has a classroom on the lower level. In it, you will find a large whiteboard, a presenter’s desk, several desks and chairs, and an informational bulletin board that will lead to the fifth resource.

1. Follow the QR Code you find. 

2. Sign up for a RAP session with Jill Kline.

3. Note, ALL RAP sessions will be canceled after the Escape Room Event is over. 

4. Write the address that is sent to you in the follow-up email on the envelope you were given, put the completely filled out submission form and the book slip in the folder as well. In the return address space (top left corner of the envelope) write the names of those in your team. Make sure that the Library information is filled out as well. Find the information on the library website. 

5.Take the Envelope to the front desk.