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Religion and Theology: Books

This religion and theology Libguide provides access to library resources for research.

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Interlibrary Loan Services

Interlibrary Loan Services


Please read our Interlibrary Loan Policy before making Interlibrary Loan requests.

To request a book:

  1. Search the library catalog (with limit set to Libraries Worldwide) and find a record for the desired book.
  2. Verify that Union College does not own the book (there may be several records for the same book, be sure to check all of them).
  3. Click the interlibrary loan button.
  4. Fill out the electronic form as completely as possible, selecting the appropriate division and status.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. You will be notified when the book arrives (usually 7-10 days). Please pick it up promptly and return it on time. It is important for Union College to maintain healthy relationships with lending institutions.